Keeping Good Music Playing!

The best music of independent artists from around the world.

KGMP-db radio is a digital broadcast radio station featuring quality independent music. Providing a more vibrant, artistic, and diverse programming. Independent artists are free of the corporate music industry to make the music of their soul. is an outlet of independent musical talent free from the corporate music empire. We program independent music that showcases the artists true to their core. More harmonious. More free. More spirited. More real.

By listening to KGMP Radio, you will discover and experience amazing talent of independent artists at their best.

For the Artist
KGMP Radio is an outlet for unsigned and emerging artists to showcase their music. KGMP Radio plays the best independent artists music. is a great way to get your music to the listeners; promoting your music and yourself as an artist. KGMP Radio will play and promote your songs.

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